Composite Component Specification Preparation Session – 9:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Feb 28 – The Composites Innovation Centre, Winnipeg, MB

This session is an introduction to the preparation of procurement specifications and drawing for composite components. The session discusses guidelines of what information to consider including in procurement specifications or drawings for composite components using two procurement approaches: Performance Conformance and Design Conformance. Example drawings for various scenarios will be provided as a take away for participants.

* A light lunch will be provided for registered attendees.

For those interested there will be an opportunity to tour the CIC’s facility after the session. The tour will last approximately 30 minutes beyond the session time indicated above.

Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen – March 3-5 – London Convention Centre, London, ON, Canada

Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen will focus on the development of existing as well as new and emerging biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals markets, building capacity, and fostering the collaborations and partnerships that will help move the agenda forward.

The Goal

Bioeconomies offer significant potential for agricultural producers and manufacturers alike. However, in order to develop long-term and sustainable biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals markets, we need to better understand supply chain challenges and opportunities, and most important, determine how best to realize this potential.

What manufacturers want from producers, the technologies required, new research and innovation, policy drivers, and finance and investment. These topics and more will be explored at Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen.

Who Should Attend?

This conference will appeal to a diverse audience, including:

  • producers of biofuels and bioproducts
  • manufacturers of biomaterials and biochemicals
  • providers of new technologies in the biofuels and bioproducts fields
  • retailers of ag-sourced green products
  • bioeconomy researchers with innovative solutions
  • rural economic development professionals
  • policy experts dealing with all aspects of the bioeconomy

. . . and all other stakeholders interested in developing sustainable bioeconomies. This conference is for the game changers – and those who wish to learn from their experiences, successes and plans going forward.

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Agriculture In The City – March 13-15, 2014 – The Forks Market, Winnipeg, MB

Agriculture in the City is a three-day event that offers a chance to explore the vibrant and innovative world of agriculture. All members of the public are welcome to come discover how agriculture impacts our daily lives.

  • Meet farmers who grow the food you eat.

  • Find information on exciting careers in agriculture.

  • Learn how science and research helps make our food safe, healthy and delicious.

  • Watch cooking demonstrations from some of Manitoba’s best food experts.

  • See how Manitoba crops are being used for food and non-food uses.

Rotary Career Symposium – March 18-19 – RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, MB

The largest and most comprehensive career symposium in Canada!

The Rotary Career Symposium provides a dynamic venue where students and adults gain valuable information about various education and employment options available in Manitoba, Canada and even internationally! Visit informative exhibitor displays, attend valuable speaker sessions and meet the business and educational leaders who will help you to update your career profile.

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13th International Symposium on Bioplastics, Biocomposites & Biorefining – May 19-24 – Guelph, Canada

ISBBB 2014 is a continuation of the popular and globally recognized International Conference on Biocomposites – Transition to Green Materials held in May of 2012 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

This symposium was created to reflect the broadening scope of ongoing research activities and new developments in the areas of biobased polymers and biorefinery, which have been added as key focus areas. This important international meeting will also continue to examine the ongoing innovations in the fields of biocomposites and green composites, and include a special focus on sustainability and durability of biobased materials for broad applications.

ISBBB 2014 will include oral and poster presentations in addition to industrial exhibits, and will feature keynote talks by world-leading experts in all focus areas. The setting will also allow networking opportunities, and encourage discussions and knowledge transfer of policy aspects and sustainability of biobased products.

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