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CIC Newsletter – Spring 2013

Composites Innovation Centre Spring 2013 Newsletter – Special Edition


The Composites Innovation Centre Training Series


Why Composites? (Introductory series to the advanced Education & Training Series):

The Why Composites series will introduce companies that currently do not use composites in their products to the benefits of using composite materials and technology.  It will also identify key business and high level technical criteria to consider when evaluating composites.  The series is focused on company leaders responsible for new product development and / or existing product continuous improvement.  No knowledge of composites is required to benefit from the series as the training will be targeted to individuals with little or no knowledge of composite applications.

  • The first of two sessions under the Why Composites? Series will be held Friday, May 31st from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm at the Composites Innovation Centre. (Tour of the CIC facility to follow for those interested).  There will be no fee for this session.  The second session will be held 4 to 6 weeks later.
  • This series is co-hosted by the Composites Innovation Centre and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.
  • A two part series with the first being heavily business focused and the second a mix of business and technical.

Composites Education & Training Series:

The Composites Education & Training Series is a set of recurring, interactive sessions that will introduce the attendees to a variety of topics related to the use of composite materials in new products and manufacturing.  Topics will be defined via input from the series participants.  The series is focused on leaders of new product development and their key technical team members.  It will address business and technical topics and will be beneficial to attendees that have participated in the ‘Why Composites’ introductory series and to people with basic knowledge of composites. Several topics that may be covered include:

  • Composite Success Stories
  • Case studies of part conversion and new product designs using composites
  • Tours of actual composite manufacturing facilities
  • Quality and inspection considerations for composites
  • Introduction to composite design and analysis, preparation of specifications for composite components
  • Introduction to composite process and material selection
  • Composite process demonstrations

The series is co-hosted by the Composites Innovation Centre and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters supported by periodic collaboration with organizations such as the Composites Research Network. The Composites Education & Training Series will run throughout the year.

The next event in the Composites Series is…

Composites in Action – A Tour of Boeing Winnipeg – June 21, 2013 at 11:00am (No Charge – Max Attendance capped at 15)

Via a tour of the Boeing Canada Operations 750,000 ft2 Winnipeg composite facility attendees will experience a state of the art aerospace composite fabrication area that manufactures high performance composite components.  This will provide inspiration of where composites can take you and your organization.  The tour will demonstrate one process for the manufacture of high performance composite components.  Pre and post tour discussion will identify tour highlights and discuss how the processes, activities and equipment would differ for composite manufacturers servicing different sectors.