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CIC Newsletter – Sunday, September 30, 2007

CIC Launches Industrial Hemp Strategy 

The CIC recently launched a national Industrial Hemp Strategy and Capacity Development Program to sustain and advance the Canadian industrial hemp industry. Celebrating its 10th year since gaining approval to grow industrial hemp, farmers have been steadily increasing acreage across Canada; specifically in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and now Quebec. Originally, the industry relied heavily on the hemp seed and oil markets; however, fibre markets are being rapidly developed that create diverse opportunities and, potentially, a significantly better return on investment for the grower.

Novel In-Situ Semi-Preg Process Developed

A recently completed collaborative project between Avcorp Industries, Profile Composites, National Research Council and the Composites Innovation Centre refined and evaluated a novel in-situ semi-impregnated material process for the manufacture of composite aerospace structures. The new process called In-Situ Semi-Preg (ISSP) has the potential to present similar processing and capital equipment cost reductions as semi-preg materials and the resin film infusion process.